Picalagartos Sky Bar & Restaurant
Picalagartos Madrid Sky Bar & Restaurante es el espacio de Azotea Grupo en pleno corazón de Gran Vía
Restaurante, Picalagartos, Sky Bar, Azotea Grupo, Manuel Berganza
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Picalagartos Sky-Bar is the new Azotea Grupospace, housed in the Hotel NH Collection Gran Via. It consists of a restaurant with views on the eighth floor and a 360-degree roof terrace from which you can see the most emblematic roofs of the capital.

In a building with a marked literary and bohemian vocation, which has inspired the name of the space – it refers to the tavern of the same name of the work Luces de Bohemia de Valle-Inclán – Picalagartos is located in the known as Gran Via 21, an architectural gem by the architects Julio Martínez Zapata and José López Sallaberry in the neo-Baroque style that opened in 1918.


In the interior design of Mercedes Isasa’s TBC studio, the materials and modern classicism of Madrid of the 50s and the hatching of gran Via are recreated.


Through our new Gastroescuelaproject, in collaboration with Coca-Cola, we are committed to the inclusion of young people in vulnerable situations.
The employability of people in risky situations is one of the social commitments of Azotea Grupo. Thanks to this initiative, 20 young people will learn a trade and live, throughout 2019, work experiences that give a boost to their lives.
They have started with a lot of desire and are as excited as the entire Team Azotea Grupo, I hope they have arrived to stay!

Picalagartos’ kitchen.

Our cuisine pays homage to Spanish gastronomy and seasonal produce but also incorporates some proposals of very chaste dishes such as Bravas Montera.

In the restaurant and terraces of the eighth floor you can taste all the gastronomic offer that starts with the Conservas, saltings, cold cuts and variants, continues with the Ibéricos and Picoteo, continues with a wide selection of products from the Huerta and the meat and fish Al ascua made in a special oven, and finally proposes sweets as the ice cream with Madrid wafer.

On the roof of Picalagartos a proposal of small dishes extracted from the main menu to be able to accompany the drinks at any time of the day.